Daily Post Media Director working illegally in Vanuatu

Authorities have served the Media Director of Daily Post, Dan McGarry, documents for illegally working in the country without a proper Work Permit.

The Labour office has confirmed that Mr. McGarry Work Permit has expired and that he continued working in Vanuatu until he was served with documents.

Mr. McGarry was given a spot fine for working illegally in Vanuatu without a proper Work permit and authorities say it is obvious he knew his Work Permit has expired.

The law requires McGarry not work, not enter his employment premises, and not even write articles for Daily Post until he renews his Work Permit.

McGarry has strongly criticised the Vauatu Government, especially the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat on amendments to the Localisation Policy.

McGarry wrote a lot fo articles about the amendent to the Localisation Policy that the Minister for Internal Affairs introduced and heavily criticised the Vanuatu Government over the amendment which were introduced to protect jobs for locals.

The amendments were specifically introduced to protect Ni Vanuatu workers and that employors must train locals for specific positions within a specific period of time.

It is also understood the Vanuatu Police, armed with a search warrant, also searched McGarry Office and Computers at the Daily Post premises yesterday though it is not yet clear what specifically they were looking for.

It is understood that McGarry’s Reisdency Permit will also lapse as it is only approved when you have approval for a Work Permit.

Dan McGarry will have to leave the country and reapply for a Work Permit which will enable him to also apply for a Residency Permit and you can only enter the country to work and live as a residence once that is approved.