Daily Post & Peter Stadly suffer major embarrassment

Sworn statements by the Vanuatu Police Unit investigating the Prostitution case have been filed and served to claimants, Daily Post & Peter Stadly lawyers.

Amidst the ongoing defamation case against YTS, this will serve as a major embarrassment for Mark Neil Jones, Gene Wong as well as staff Dan Mcgarry and Peter Stadly of the Daily Post.

Stadly who has always maintained his stance that he was never arrested must now provide evidence to prove he was not arrested or charged as directed by the courts.

The sworn statements by Police Officers do tell of time and dates of interviews and cautions by the Police to Peter Stadly, Stuart Berren and Rebecca Mansale.

The matter had its first return date before Justice Fatiaki of the Supreme Court.

Dane Thornberg representing the defendant’s, which include himself, YTS owners IMV, and Mr. Ligo advised that ‘proceedings in Court Chambers are deemed private, all we can say is that directions were made for the filing of evidence on both sides.’

Mr Thornburgh advised the Court that there was a further claim being filed by Mr Ligo and others joining more personnel and staff of the Daily post.

IMV, owners of YTS say ‘much of what is happening is, it appears that the Daily Post see it as okay to report the news, as long as it is not about the Daily Post owners or Mangement, but when it comes to other news agency reporting matters involving them, it becomes a major issue.’

Recently it was widely reported on various social media and news services that Peter Stadly, the sales and marketing manager and business development manager had been and charged with numerous offenses including, prostitution, conspiracy to commit perjury and making false statements along with other offenses under the Vanuatu penal code.

This resulted in Daily Post and Stadly commencing defamation proceedings against local Ni-Van owned social media site YTS and others including a local lawyer who happens to be the complainant in the criminal case that Stadly was purportedly arrested in relation to.

In a sworn statement filed in the Supreme Court, the arresting police officer, a senior high ranking inspector of police provided details under oath as to the questioning, arrests and charges of Stadly, Beren and Mansale, which has been denied by the Daily Post management and Stadly.

The defendants have provided the evidence to prove the so-called defamatory comments are true.

Further evidence provided but not yet filed to the claimants will also show that Daily Post had intended to take YTS to court by coercing a young Ni-Van female to join Daily Post and sue YTS for a lump sum.

The phone call by a DP staff was recorded and she was instructed by the Daily Post Media Director to make the call.