Daily Post Reporter Trial Commenced: Orders Granted

The civil trial against Daily Post reporter Richard Nanua was heard over last 2 days.

The case has been commenced by Lawyer Dane Thornburgh seeking a Restraining Order preventing Nanua from harassing and threatening him and or coming onto his property or place of work.

There has been a temporary Order in Place against Nanua since March 2018.

Documents tendered by Thornburgh included evidence of some of the Alias’s or fake names used by the Daily Post reporter Nanua when posting stories on Facebook and elsewhere and the harassing language used by Nanua on his false Facebook account Chardi Anoa.

After being presented with the documents, Nanua consented to the Orders being made for 6 month period as sought.

Nanua has openly admitted to the court to operating the Facebook account under an alias and that he authored the material.

Also of note was the fact that Nanua admitted that he received confidential information about cases from police, Public Prosecutor and Court staff about the cases of which he then writes the story.

Nanua admitted that he was given the information by police as to the time and date Thornburgh would be questioned before it happens and used that information to wait and take photographs of Thornburgh.

Nanua also admitted that the photos were then forwarded to Daily Post editor Royston Wille which led to the front page story.

It is believed that Thornburgh has instructed offshore large litigation firms to commence proceedings against the Government and others for the actions of the police and leaking of both confidential and incorrect information to news outlets leading to damages to the reputation of Thornburgh.