Dane Thornburgh is Positive that Media is being Manipulated in Vanuatu

On March 2018, the supreme court granted Dane Thornburgh’s retraining order over a news reporter because the Australian lawyer felt that he was being threatened by a certain media agency over cases which involves him in Vanuatu.

Dane Thornburgh still believes that media has been manipulated to the extend of his recent court battle and the threats could be related to the Iririki Island Resort case which raffle some feathers in the Trading Post Limited and Vanuatu Daily Post.

In 2017, Iririki Island Resort and Jewel Casino counsel Dane Thornburgh of Thornburgh Lawyers claimed that the article contained four defamatory imputations by way of libel and are suing the Daily Post newspaper for VT245 million in one of the biggest civil libel cases in Vanuatu’s history.