Digicel Vanuatu introduces 4G+ and how it allows you to have a faster connection on the cell phone

Digicel Vanuatu has introduced the 4G+, also known as Carrier Aggregation.

Thus, it allows improving the speed available up to now for the phone to download data, upload a video, access a website, and so on. Ideally, it duplicates it (and can reach peaks of 100 megabits per second), although it will not necessarily always be like this: the final speed depends on multiple factors.

For the users of 4G, which today (according to Personal and Movistar) already reaches 80 percent of the national population, and more than 90 percent in the provincial capitals, is still good news: it is a plus of speed without having to Do nothing. For the user it is transparent, and has no additional cost, nor does it require a special configuration, although it does have a compatible phone.


How to know if a phone is compatible?

All the high range and mid range of the last two or three years supports 4G +; You have to look at the equipment’s specifications and confirm that the phone’s modem is CAT6 or more.

The data indicates the ability to download data from the network; The higher the number, the more potential bandwidth it can occupy.

In Wikipedia there is a partial list of devices compatible with LTE Advanced , the other name with which it is called 4G +. For example, Galaxy S6 onwards, Galaxy A in its variants of 2016 and 2017, iPhone 6S onwards, Huawei P9 / P9Lite onwards, LG G4 onwards, Motorola Moto Z and G5 Plus, Sony Xperia X and XZ, and several pluses.

If the equipment is connected to the network in carrier summation mode, the 4G logo on the screen will be replaced by one that says 4G +.

Digicel Vanuatu will update us more as we proceed!!