Disappointment with Logistics Arrangement of Cruise Strategic Consultation in Santo

Good Day Yumi Toktok Stret,

Thank you for allowing me to raise my concern on the arrangements made by the Department of Tourism in Port Vila for a National consultation on Cruise Tourism in Lugainville.

Many consultation representatives came from the provinces of Torba, Penama and Malampa where existing Cruise Port of Calls are located.

My disappointment was on the delay of allowances to be paid in time to sort accommodation, food and other living expenses while in Santo.

Different flight schedule in respective Islands resulted in some representative returning sooner than others.

This cruise consultation meeting date was confirmed almost a month early likewise all commitment of Government LPOs for allowances should be paid to representatives in time.

Yet this has not happened due to the delay in the government financial process. Knowing the government long financial processes, there should be arrangements well ahead to mitigate this.

Customer Service is a tourism motto yet it does not reflect it. What picture does this show to the tourism body that governs all tourism activities in Vanuatu?

If the tourism head office can charter flights to Luganville for this meeting, I don’t see why they can’t just commit to having allowances in time for our fellow grassroots coming in from the Island on their call.

Some of us had to travel long distances to reach the airport and use our own money but it was a surprise that DoT did not cater for this arrangement.

Some of us even arrived in Santo much earlier than others but have to survive on our own luckily we have families in Santo.

The confusing thought here is whether we can trust the Department of Tourism on what we discussed during the consultation and will it have any meaningful impact.

What has happened has raised a lot of questions for theDepartment of Tourism and whether they are the right people in the right job?

Seriously cruise tourism in Vanuatu can develop if we can all trust each other irrespective of whatever role played for the betterment of cruise tourism and our nation.

Thank you,

Luganville Cruise Consultation participants

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