Djorkaeff: Black must be beautiful and powerful

As we celebrate the International Youth Day today 12 August 2020, we wish to feature this courageous and vibrant youth leader.

His name is Djorkaeff Muluane from Wallarano on Malekula, a poet, philosopher, writer, activist, youth leader and he calls himself a young paramount defender of custom (kastom) governance.

We came across Djorgaeff in a series of Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) talk back segment just before the 2020 National Election appealing to the members of the parliament currently in the 12th legislature for reform in the governance system.

During the panel discussion about political reform in Vanuatu, the 26-year old was determined to change the system to something that reflects his country’s kastom and culture.

Djorkaeff in a panel discussion with VBTC on reform in the current governance system

“I want to see change in the system in this 12 legislature, the system of governance we have today is the result of England and France colonising us before they depart, this is what they left us”, he said during the talkback show.

He spend a year in the University and decided to return back home and study about kastom teaching in the nakamal.

“After 40-years we need some changes in the governance system to favour more indigenous people who have become slave in their own land”.

“The Westminster parliamentary system we have today is used worldwide and regarded as a triangular system and for competition, when our children go to school, they are taught to compete with other children in class and are graded”.

“During our early age we are taught to compete and to me life is not about. competition, life is about collaboration”.

“The reality today is after people graduate they set up their own business and all they care about is themselves and cycle goes on without considering that we all live in a society and as families we need to support each other”, Djorkaeff explained.

He is an advocate for Free West Papua and the Liberation for Moana Pasifika.

But we also caught up with Djorkaeff again this week as he prepares to participate in a virtual Pan-African Conference coming up on the 13th August 2020.

According to Wikipedia, Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African descent. Based on a common goal dating back to the Atlantic slave trade, the movement extends beyond continental Africans with a substantial support base among the African diaspora in the Americas and Europe.

“Pan-African network has an influence in the Pacific especially with regard to West Papua’s self determination, so my speech on August 13, I will talk about the black Melanesia in Africa because for me Melanesia is like the black sea and Africa is the land because we are living in the ocean the liquid continent”, he said in an interview with YTS.

Djorkaeff is not only trying to indoctrinate people with his ideology, he also belief in the philosophy that all black people around the globe must unite, build their strength, energy and resources as one”.

“Africa is the queen that is why we call her mother and Melanesia is the man because sun rises in the east”, he said.

“Black people are enslaved, oppressed, marginalised and everywhere you go around the world black people are suffering.

“My presentation in the Pan-African conference will rotate around these topics”.

“Just like they say being black is beautiful, but if you are beautiful without being powerful that is useless because for us we want to be both beautiful and powerful and to be powerful it means we need to device ourselves our system of governance based in our context, our ideology in a our roots”, he concluded in an online interview with YTS.