Don’t Look Back!!

The Villagers of Waluebue Village on North Ambae have relocated the entire village for the first time in their own history after flash flooding believed to be over 10 meters engulfed the Village.

At around 2 am in the early hours, 30th of March 2018, the village was swept over by massive flash floods bearing rocks over two meters in diameter.

The flash flood Waluebue swept away a primary school, the church house and also damaged 22 homes.

The Villagers have now been relocated to Waluriki Village and other communities.

They will remain there till community leaders choose a new site to relocate and begin a new life.

One Hundred and Fifteen (115) people including women and children are currently with host communities around the Waluriki Area.

Community elder’s and leaders have asked the entire village to not look back but move forward and continue their lives.

The Penama Provincial Disaster Operation Center is coordinating relief efforts alongside the Provincial Council and NDMO.

Four current disaster relief efforts are being addressed on Ambae including the continuing Manaro Recovery Program, the current TC Hola Response, the Ashfall Response in South, West and North Ambae and the recent Mudflow/Flash Flooding in North Ambae.

Though Victim’s, the brave Villagers of Waluebue, have shielded the heartbreaking step of living a home with a smile and have resiliently stepped forward never to look back again knowing to survive, necessary steps and sacrifices must be taken.

Vanuatu Red Cross in coordination with NDMO is appealing to the public to donate clothing, cutleries, kitchen utensils, beddings, etc to support those who were affected by the mudflow.