Dr. Dominik Romarik documented the Netwar language of western Tanna

Dr. Dominik Romarik from Collège Technique et Lycée de Lowanatom was at the Principal’s ICT conference presenting Offline Content at 2020 PITCON.

Hail from Czech Republic, he has been living on Tanna since 2008 and has documented stories about his life and work he is doing with the community of Lowanatom on Tanna at dominicweb.eu.

Dr. Dominik developed the first ever extensive dictionary of Netwar language of western Tanna and has published it online several years living on the island. It contains translations of local expressions, pronunciation recordings and photographic documentation. Its purpose is to help in the preservation of the language and in passing it to the young generation.

The school is French speaking and a part of the French school system in Vanuatu and they have subscribed to an internet connection, which is distributed internally over Ethernet and WiFi networks.

In 2015 after Tropical Cyclone Pam, Mr. Dominik Maximilián Ramík and Antonio López García-Nieto applied for an IT project for the school to help recover from damages suffered during the cyclone.

The project is twofold.

1) To complete the computers currently existing in its computer lab in order to allow the students to work each on his own machine during the classes to improve the effectiveness of the IT education the students receive. Ten computers would fulfill this mission.

2) The second intent is to equip the school library with computers. Currently, students and teachers use the books of the large school library as a valuable source of information, but giving access to computers equipped with proper educational software would greatly improve educational and self-growth possibilities for both the teachers and the students and help them to prepare better for their classes. A total of 10 computers is estimated to be needed to do this efficiently. The reason for placing a separate cluster of computers in the library is to ensure that the students and teachers can access them the most often possible as the computers in the IT lab are often taken due to pending classes.

The plan is to have all the computers become a part of the local network and benefit from the shared access to the internet the school is subscribed to and from access to the school server with many offline educational resources such as the Wikipedia, dictionaries, Khan Academy and an educational media library.

The computer lab and the library are sufficiently equipped to protect the valuable technology from theft, weather conditions and electric current outages. The technical part of the project, i.e. installation, maintenance and continuous technical support and training are managed by Mr. Domink who is married to a Tannese woman with one kid.