Drones sacrificed for spectacular volcano video and other views.

Here Sam Cossman displaying a video technology and science converge on an active volcano in Vanuatu, operating camera-mounted drones to capture high-definition images of the spectacular yet dangerous Marum Crater.

February 2015, Cossman and his team piloted the drones over the 7.5-mile-wide (12-kilometer) caldera while confronting toxic gases and boiling lava. Although two drones succumbed to the harsh environment, the team was able to bring back video and photos that will help scientists learn more about the volcano and the life around it. Also Watch the Aerobot team of Australia produced a great drone video on Ambrym Volcano too.

Aerobot Australia are Radio Controlled Aerial Robot Specialists that design, build and fly quadrocopters, hexacopters and octocopters of all shapes and sizes.

The tracks to the view sight are real and some are far worst than shown.

Drones also helped during Tropical Cyclone Pam recovery.

Drones and crisis mapping

Mapping Cyclone Pam’s destruction with drones

Facebook page vanuatudronepilot has some interesting drone photographs of Port Vila.

Spectacular views by Vanuatu Drone Photography. Click image to access photostream. Photo/FB