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The Supreme Court today made Orders which may have wide implications on the Port Vila business community.

In a case brought to the Court by Peter Stadly and his employee the Daily Post, the Court today ordered that YTS and Third Defendant file evidence rebutting the Claim bought by Stadly and also set the Claim down for Hearing in May 2021.

The long talked about case came about after news circulated on social media of Stadley and a long list of business men alleged to have been involved in prostitution ring.

The Court Orders today asked for evidence to be submitted before 19 March, 2021 and it is expected the list of names involved will be submitted as evidence.

Sworn statements by Daily Post owners Gene Wong, Niel Jones and former deported Director Dan McGarry were also listed.

YTS owners say it is “heartwarming to see everyone stoop this low and it will be a heart warming reunion for the Daily Post owners when they hear on tape what their former Director, Dan McGarry had to say to direct their business, which was recorded on a phone”