Ellen Aragay, First Papuan Woman in International Beauty Pageant Final in 2018

Ellen Rachel Aragay, is the runner-up of Miss Indonesia 2014, whose daily life is an English teacher.
She became the first Papuan woman to represent Indonesia in an international beauty contest, becoming a finalist in the Face of Beauty International 2018 contest in India.

The beauty pageant she participated in started in 2012 as Miss Teen Face of Beauty International, later changed to Face of Beauty International, until now. According to Ellen, this contest aims to share the visions and ideas of women around the world.

“We will campaign about how to stop violence against women both in the household and in relationships,” Ellen told Ata Hasegem, who interviewed her for BBC Indonesia.

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Ellen Aragay
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“I’m not going to talk too much about conflicts or anything, because Papua isn’t the only one that has conflicts like that. Other parts of the world also have conflicts like that,” Ellen reasoned. She decided to look at it from another point of view, namely that her profession as a teacher would be a strong basis for developing the world of education in Papua, especially in the field of English.

According to Ellen, her participation in the beauty contest confirms that Papuans are equal to other Indonesians, and citizens of other worlds.

“We are the same, have competitiveness, achievements, and creativity that are not inferior to other women in the world. Such as intellectual intelligence and social skills,” she said.