Emelee: Public Accounts Committee being Politicised

The Minister of MIPU says ‘it is a worry when a Parliament Working Committee is being used as a political tool by Politicians.’

The MIPU Minister has told YTS that “it is a concern that the manner in which all is being orchestrated seems to be purposely done to make him look bad in public.”

A Public Accounts Committee member, Joshua Kalsakau, posted to YTS Forum on the 23rd of November, 2019, that “the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) after three (3) full months of deliberation has finally deliberated and completed its investigations on the acquisition of part of Government Paray Wharf by Tuna Fishing (VANUAUTU) Co. LTD”

Mr. Kalsakau also stated that they have also uncovered “outstanding Fishing Licence Fees owed by Tuna Fishing (VANUATU) Co. owned by Mp Emelee.”

Mr. Kalsakau alleges that “The report contains serious findings of breaches of law and gross fraudulent conduct and theft of government assets”

Mr. Kalsakau has made the remarks before the report was tabled in Parliament.

Minister Emelee has responded saying “The PAC was not well informed on the issue before beginning the inquiry”

Leaked minutes from the PAC inquiry into the acquisition of part of Government Paray Wharf by Tuna Fishing (VANUATU) Co. LTD does not show substantial evidence to prove foul play as read through by YTS.

The Minutes which were shared to YTS is not conclusive enough to justify a breach of the law, solicitation, bribery or undue influence by Mr. Emelee, however, that call will be for the Vanuatu Parliament to make.

Minister Emelee, when shown the leaked minutes, says “a lot of what is on there as recorded by the PAC is more hearsay and it is surprising that a report like this will be submitted for consideration to Parliament”

The MIPU Minister welcomes any inquiry into his own dealings but requests that any report must not have “an ulterior motive as most of what is appearing on the minutes do not appear to be an issue and cannot be used to prove anything”

The MIPU Minister also denied the allegations that “he used his influence to solicit, intimidate, bribe and use undue influence on the government towards his advantage”

Minister Emelee asked that the Leader of Opposition, who he says is pushing this report, “to not politicize the report before it is considered by Parliament as it is already leaked to the public.”