Emelee sues Daily Post Vanuatu

Lawyers representing the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities have served Daily Post, Richard Nanau and Glenda Willie for failing to rectify an article they had published.

Daily Post published a story about the Minister allegedly owing to the Vanuatu Government 500 million without verification and to which the Minister of Infrastructure has denied the allegations and has asked DP to retract the article.

When asked to retract the article, Daily Post replied they would have to verify the story before they retract anything.

The article insinuated that MP Emelee moved to join the Government Bloc in 2017 over the alleged 500 million owed to the Government which the Minister of Infrastructure strongly denies.

The matter will be now taken to court to ensure DP prove the allegations.

Similar concerns have been raised about the DP sensationalizing information from the Vanuatu Government.

Last week, an article was published about the Prime Minister which Government officials and even the PM himself say the Daily Post twisted his words that he asked the leader of the opposition to step down.

It is said that without regard nor hesitation, DP published the article without first verifying with the PM himself and the PM had to personally step in to correct the situation and get a retraction.

Lawyers also served the leader of the Opposition and MP Ronald Warsal.