Erakor golden son inches away from playing in FIFA Club World Cup

Vanuatu international Brian Kaltak who is now plying his trade with Auckland City FC is now inches away from becoming Vanuatu’s first ever footballer to play in a FIFA Club World Cup.

The 2021 Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Champions League was cancelled due to the various COVID-19 restrictions across OFC’s Member Associations, meaning no matches were played.

As a result, OFC’s Executive Committee nominated a representative from the Confederation based strictly on sporting merit principles, the representative being Auckland City FC.

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) President, Lambert Maltock, who is also the current OFC President took to social media to say how proud he was if Brian was to play with Auckland City FC at the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup in Japan, come December.

“It’s indeed a personal pride to witness with much delight and rewarding feelings how our National Captain, Brian Kaltak is progressing steadily to reach his dreams in football.

“If Auckland City FC will list him in the final list of 2021 FIFA World Club, it will surely be a great personal milestone achievement as well as for Vanuatu Football.

“This week I’m delighted and proud to see him recommended and nominated by FIFA to sign an Agreement of the new FIFA Documentary. There were only Six Football Captains in the World who were recommended to sign this Agreement.

“I’m just so proud for Oceania Football and in particular Vanuatu and Brian’s determination, passion and willingness to complete his dreams. “I Salute you as the First Elite of the 2008 Teouma Academy intakes, “OFC and VFF President, Maltock stated.

VFF Media caught up with Brian online.

“FIFA has funded this documentary highlighting the preparation towards the FIFA 2022 World Cup. We are so fortunate that FIFA has chosen me to be part of this documentary.

“Vanuatu was chosen as FIFA is looking for some interesting content to be added to their documentary, and for Vanuatu football, we are proud to be recognized by FIFA to be chosen
among the 6 countries,” Kaltak said.

The documentary will be released as soon as the production is done via Netflix.

“I am very happy to represent Vanuatu and Pacific as a whole in the FIFA Club World Cup at the end of the year. It is a dream come true for me, and if I am selected to be in the final team for the Club World Cup, I will make sure that we will fly Vanuatu’s flag for the whole world to see.”