Farewell RVS Tukoro

Inspector Jeff Shem, one of RVS Tukoro’s original crew members. 33 years later, will sail Vanuatu’s patrol boat to Australia this month in preparation for the handover of the new Guardian-class Patrol Boat under Australia’s Pacific Maritime Security Program.


The winning name for Vanuatu’s new Australian-built Guardian Class Patrol Boat is the Republic of Vanuatu Ship (RVS) Takuare.

The new vessel will be gifted in mid-2021 by Australia under the Pacific Maritime Security Program.

On November 2020, the media reported that Vanuatu Commissioner of Police announced that the new Guardian Class Patrol Boat will be named RVS Takuare.

The vessel will carry the side hull number of 03 which signifies that Takuare will be the third patrol boat that Vanuatu has operated.

The post reported that the name Takuare is that of a warrior in a traditional Custom Governance system. The Takuare is a role played by significant persons in the Shepherds and Efate Islands particularly in North Efate Farea or Nakamal systems.

The role of the Takuare is mainly to guard the land and sea against invaders. It is also a traditional Police in the Nakamal enforcing Customary Laws that governs the land and sea, maintaining Law and Order in the society.