Feed the Fijian people with proper food and not expired donated food

The Yumi Toktok Stret Forum in Vanuatu is issuing this statement out into the internet and to be shared around the region to ask Fijian Authorities to ensure all Aid provided to be consumed by the Fijian people are not expired food products as experienced in Vanuatu.

Yumi Toktok Stret is asking media inside Fiji and around the Melanesian region to run articles on this issue as this issue did happen in Vanuatu.

The concern here is Aid Organisations donate near to expiry date products and reliable sources that provided the information say; the Pacific tends to become the dumping ground for these products as their shelf life is very short.

Rice donated by Aid Organisations become very rancid and you cannot even feed chickens with this types of rice and if you do feed you chickens with this rice, the chickens will die.

White rice is a major contributor to type 2 diabetes here in Vanuatu and according to the World Health Organisation, Vanuatu is third highest in ranking in the world for this illness.

Another problem is when Aid is donated; it then gets stored and does not get distributed immediately for consumption as was the case here in Vanuatu. Fast distribution is a must in this circumstances and also proper monitoring of the foods expiry dates must happen or people will eat out of date food products which will cause more long term problems.

Another major issue worth noting here is Aid Organisations need to provide Healthy Aid, in good conditions and not provide near to expired products. Melanesians are not animals and sometimes it would be better for some organisations to keep near to expired food products in their country, but bring the Aid money over to whatever country it is so they can purchase direct from the shops as was the case here in Vanuatu.

Governments must also not store food too long in their ware house as this can also lead to the shelved food getting expired without anyone knowing. If the food is in good condition do not stock them in ware houses to rot or get damaged, but supply the food to the people.

Food crops are affected a lot in a category 5 Cyclone but that does not mean some aid organisation has the right in the name of humanity to turn up with crap to feed the Melanesian people.

Feed the Fijian people with the proper, healthy aid is all we ask. Feed them as you would feed yourself, with respect and dignity and in the true nature of humanity.