FIFA asks Vanuatu to give 1 minute silence for Brazilian victims

    FIFA Secretary General Lady Fatma Samoura, in a letter to Vanuatu Football Federation requests Vanuatu to give a minute silence in respect to the victims of the plane crash in Colombia this week that killed 71 people and six survivors mostly players of the Brazilian first division club, the Chapecoense Football Club.

    The message was relayed by Vanuatu Football Federation President Lambert Maltock to his colleague presidents, the media and VFF football families in Vanuatu.

    “I wish to relay the message from the FIFA Secretariat and President to humbly request all VFF Member Associations, leagues, clubs and players, staff as well as referee families and media friends and the football families to give one minute silence of respect on this week tragedy which saw the loss to a football club champion in Brazil as well as media die-hards of this round ball game, in any football match scheduled to take place any where in the country”, said Lambert Maltock.

    “VFF is relaying the humble request from FIFA to its MAs and football families around the globe to give one minute silence this Saturday at Port-Vila stadium, Luganville Soccer City Stadium and any other venues in the country, will be the testimonial act of bringing our hearts and sorrows close to our football families in Brazil, die-hard media friends and families and the entire FIFA family”, he said.

    VFF President Maltock described football as a game that unites people of the world therefore we have to give it respect.

    “Football is a simple round ball game that actively helps to shape the entire society in trying to build a better world in this green planet. Where else can you find constant moment of friendship, unity, peace, joy and love between colors and races where differences in religions and beliefs unable to provide? It’s only through football in 365 days around the globe”.

    “Our respect for loved ones who sacrificed their lives for the game for the world”, he said.

    Maltock also sent Vanuatu’s condolence message as a member of the World football family and FIFA.

    “We are extending our profound and heartfelt sorrows and condolences to the Brazilian Football Authority and families and loved ones of those lost in the crash in this great moment of lamentation”.

    President Maltock sent the messsage from his hotel in Port Moresby where he is attending the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup final.