FIFA Broadcasting rights offered to VBTC but VBTC failed to act

Reports have been received that FIFA offered to VBTC rights to broadcast the FIFA U20 World Cup Korea 2017 but the VBTC Board of Directors failed to act on the offer.

Amidst a lot of disappointment by football fans as to why VBTC is not broadcasting the matches live, uncertainty still points at VBTC and why they failed in preparing for the U20 World Cup 2017.

Sources say FIFA made an offer to VBTC on Tuesday the 16th of May 2017 for rights to broadcast for VT3 Million. How the events unfolded since then no one knows but it is understood no directives were taken nor issued from the VBTC Board on the offer.

The Vanuatu Government has stepped forward to pay off the broadcasting rights amidst public backlash.

The Vanuatu Team are also taking part in this years U20 World Cup in Korea.