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Fire Survivor Sets Medal Target

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England based-William O’Connell has set his aim to win a medal in tennis at the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu.

The 26-year old is proud to be ranked Fiji’s No.1 but a lot has changed for him in the last six months.

On May 28 he was injured in a house fire in London where he suffered 27 percent third degree burn.

He was in coma in hospital for eight days and he had to learn how to eat, drink and walk again.

“I had an awesome team at the University of Nottingham who helped me get back to my feet. I am very lucky,” he said.

He is completing his Master’s degree in communication and entrepreneurship at the University of Nottingham.

“I want to enjoy and compete to the best of my ability. My aim is to do well as I can but a lot have changed in the last six months,” he said.

The 2015 Fiji Open winner believes the side can do Fiji proud.

“It will be tough. Vanuatu and New Caledonia will always be tough competitors. But our team can win some medals.”

He took part in the 2011 and 2015 Pacific Games.


Meanwhile, Team Fiji golf teams aim to win medals as well.

Manager Nigel Goundan said, “The team has prepared well. We have two junior and two senior players in the men and women’s teams.

The men’s team comprised of Nadi businessman Abid Hussein, Olaf Allen Jnr and two juniors Won Woo Hwang and Ryan Kumar while the women consist of Merelita McCarthy, Ufemia Naisara, Dawi Jee and Raina Kumar.

Source: Fiji Sun Online