Fisheries Officer Training Underway

A one-week training for the Authorized Officers for Vanuatu Fisheries Department (VFD), is currently underway at the Fisheries Department Conference Room.

Funded by South Pacific Commission (SPC) and facilitated by Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand and Vanuatu Fisheries Department Compliance Section, the one-week training included participants from Efate, Efate offshore islands and Shepherds Outer islands as far as Paama island.

This training of the Community Based Authorized Officers involves current and former Authorized Fisheries Officers, as they will be the eyes and ears of the VFD assisting in ensuring sustainability of coastal resources through reporting, enforcement and monitoring of fishing activities, and making sure that there will be enough stocks of Rock lobster, Green Snails, or coconut crabs for the future generations to come.

Part 10 of the Fisheries Act No.10 of 2014 provides for the power of the minister to appoint appointment of Authorized Officers’ on the recommendation of the Director of Fisheries.

The week long training will end this Friday.