“Food Basket” program a success as harvesting begins

The “Food Basket” program initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture for the Ambae people who were relocated to Maewo has yielded success as harvest begins.

The Minister off Agriculture, Matai Seremiah, and his officials, have flown down to Maewo to witness the harvest of Vanuatu’s first mass production food program, purposely initiated by the Vanuatu Government for domestic consumption and emergency relief.

The “Food Program” first harvest on North Maewo saw 63kg of dwarf beans and 30kg of Chinese cabbage distributed to the Ambae evacuees hosted by Talise, Narovrovo, and Nasawa Communities.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, officers have been tirelessly monitoring the “Food Program” and it is expected the program will be widespread throughout Vanuatu.

The harvest spells success and the Vanuatu people will now look at the program as an example for Agriculture cultivation and production with support from the Government.

After months of being refugee’s, feeding on rice and canned food, the Ambae evacuees will now have much need greens added to their daily diets.