Food and Water urgently needed on Evacuation Centers

Reports pouring in from Ambae urgently ask the Vanuatu Government to act quick to provide Food and Water to evacuation centers on Ambae.

As the the water is contaminated at this point, the Evacuation Centers greatly need water.

YTSNews has received reports on the ground of people getting sick on West Ambae and there is no water as the volcanic ash activity increases.

The majority of the population in the affected areas have been evacuated to Luganville.

YTSNews talked to villagers on Ambanga Village this morning and they have confirmed fire is visible from Manaro and that the Volcanic bore is open and magna is visible for the first time.

The NDMO assessment team have been to Ambae and there are NDMO officers currently on the ground.

The eastern parts of Ambae can now hear the eruptions which has never happened before.

Scientist from Noumea and Volcano specialist are expected on Ambae today to further asses the situation.

The response for food and shelter is slow and authorities are asked to act quickly as the number of people currently in evacuation centers is increasing.

Reports from the Ambaebulu school say the school management is reluctant to send children home as their parents are in the evacuation centers.

All schools around Ambae are being used as evacuation.

Alert level 4 remains on Ambae as evacuations continue.