Former Consul General and Family stuck in Noumea awaiting Vanuatu Government

Former Vanuatu Consul General in Noumea, Raymond Manuake is asking the Vanuatu Government to quickly repatriate his family and personal effects back to Vanuatu.

Manuake is resorting to use social media as he and his family feel stranded due to the slow process and ask the the relevant authorities to act quickly as his visa will also expire within three days.

Mr Manuake was a major vocal point in New Caledonia for Ni-Vans to respect the Visa Waiver arrangements between the two Melanesian countries, however Vanuatu authorities need to be prudent to ensure Vanuatu keeps to its stance on the issue.

Manuake salary has ceased since July 1st 2017 and he and his family have been living out of their own cost awaiting the Government to support their repatriation back home. 

The family have also resorted to asking financial support from families back home in Vanuatu.

The delays from Department of Foreign Affairs are also contributing to Manuake bills accumulating and has reached the extent that even the home they are currently living in, which the Vanuatu Government is renting for them, now has outstanding’s owed to the landlord.

The family is concerned about living their personal effects behind and says if they leave before the 18 of August, they have no idea who would load all their personal effects into the container which the Government has just released payment for but has not yet been delivered to their home.

Manuake has always respected the terms and conditions set out in his contract and is always grateful for the trust the Vanuatu Government had in him for the last 12 years but only ask that there be some serious consideration and curtesy be given to his family regarding their stay in New Caledonia.

It is understood that the Vanuatu Government also owes Manuake outstanding salaries and allowance dating back to 2015 but despite all this Manuake still continues serving with a good heart and was always supportive to the new Consular General, Mr. Mahe, and has helped him and his family to settle in their new home ready to take over as the Vanuatu Consul General.

Raymond Manuake has been serving as the Vanuatu Consul General in New Caledonia for the past 12 years. 

Mr. Manuake started working for the Vanuatu Government since 1985 – 2002 as a translator with Language Services Department (PM office).

In  2002 – 2005 he was the Assistant Clerk of Parliament.

Mrs Manuake also served as a public servant. She was a typist at the PVMC before being appointed secretary to PVMC Clerk.

She was later Head of Civil Status Section of PVMC, and served 20 years with PVMC and 12 years as Vice Consul General in New Caledonia.

Mrs Manuake brought a wealth of experience to support the Vanuatu Consul office in New Caledonia. 

She was a pillar of support given her experience with consular services, civil status docs, repatriation of deceased persons, visas, registration of Ni-Vans in NC, residence permits and other given tasks.

Mr manuake was appointed as  Consul General in 2005 and served till 2017 and has proudly served the Republic of Vanuatu for 32 years.

The family have completed their duties to the Republic of Vanuatu and are asking the Vanuatu Government to help them come home as life in New Caledonia is very expensive.