Former Saling Shipping workers sue Banabas Tabi for VT44 million

Employees from Saling Shipping have taken Banabas Tabi to court claiming over due entitlements including VNPF and also breach of contracts.

Barnabas Tabi was given 24 hours to pay out outstanding employee entitlements but has asked through his lawyers that he be given an extra day to resolve the matter.

The labour Department has made all necessary calculations for employee entitlements based on each individual salary scale and it is this calculations which now make up part of the case.

The former employees say “salaries have not been properly paid for over a year and despite numerous attempts to rectify the situation, Barnabas Tabi never bothered to take the issue seriously.”

Claimants say they are taking the case to court to ensure Barnabas Tabi settles the outstanding as it is obvious he was avoiding the salary issue for over a year and that during that period, he was only paying 40% to 50% of the salaries owed to each employee.

It is understood AFIC, also co owned by Barnabas Tabi and members, has never paid employee VNPF which is another matter VNPF will investigate as it was already reported.

The effects of the case on members is not yet known but it is clear members will not be happy to hear their money will be used to compensate an error.