Former Siaraga FC forward Leo shares discontent

Former Siaraga FC player forward, Tonny Leo took to his Facebook Story of the Day to post his recently found disappointment after he had just learned that Siaraga FC has been recently terminated to continue to compete inside the Port Vila Football Association indefinitely.

Leo poured out his heart in his message saying that Siaraga FC is not only a club but a family, and after playing for the club he not only made friends but family that he still today cherishes, and to see the way the club turned out has broken his heart.

Like most footballers in Vanuatu today, Leo after playing for Siaraga FC and football in the Port Vila Football Association (PVFA), then decided to go out overseas (Australia or New Zealand) to work and earn a little something for the sake of him and his family.

Siaraga FC is one of the oldest football clubs inside the PVFA and has been producing some well-known household names such as Reginald Garoleo, Charles Vatu and Lexa Ham Bule to name a few.