French citizen death a mystery

The death of a man found floating inside the Port Vila Harbour on the 1st of April 2018 has been reported to the Police but remains a mystery as not even the Police have information to the cause of death.

No one has confirmed the cause of death but images that appeared on YTS sites showed a clear wound mark on his left chest.

The Police are investigating the death, however, images appeared on social media which were later deleted showed the victim floating naked.

The French Embassy has ‘condemned the online publishing on social networks of shocking pictures of a recently deceased French citizen in Port Vila.’

‘The embassy believes that these pictures are offending the respect that everyone must have for deceased people’ and the Media Communication Officer from the French Embassy has been in contact with Yumi Toktok Stret.

The French Embassy also confirmed it is a French citizen.

The Vanuatu Police are in charge of the investigation into the death.

Publisher’s Note: We were informed of the death of the man early hours of Sunday Morning. We apologize to the families of the deceased for any images being published and wish to retract the many statements that followed that thought it was a prank by YTSNews. We have reported the images which were not taken by us to Facebook and Google who will look to provide censorship the image should it be published by someone else.