Fresh FM broadcasting Yumi Talem program for RSE workers

Fresh FM in New Zealand broadcasts Yumi Talem radio program in bislama across the Nelson/Tasman region on 104.8, Eastern Golden Bay on 95.0 and Blenheim on 88.9.

They also operate a low powered FM transmitter covering inner Nelson city areas on 107.2.

‘Yumi Talem’ is a radio program in bislama for RSE workers that features Vanuatu’s cultures, current affairs, and the Christian principles Vanuatu is founded on.

It is aired fortnightly Sunday 6pm to 7pm NZ time and 5pm to 6pm NZ http://time.Stream live: http://freshfm.net

The presenter is the popular voice and former radio announcer in Port Vila’s Paradise FM 98 and Radio Vanuatu, Mrs Valorie Patrick, now living in New Zealand.

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Mrs. Patrick, also known as DJ Vala, is the producer of Yumi Talem program for RSE workers with Fresh FM in New Zealand.

The Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme is often described as a triple win, benefitting workers, their home countries, and addressing labour shortages in New Zealand but also workers are missing back from home.

The radio program helps to keep them informed of what is happening back in the islands and also a chance for people back home to hear their stories through online podcasts.

Today Sunday 9 August, Yumi Talem will feature local string band the Shakura band and the new upcoming artists Falcon and Kymanjey.

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