The Good Samaritans on a cruise

In June 2017, a couple visited Vanuatu on a cruise.

Whilst walking through town, they saw a young man walking on his hands. They gave him some money and told him they will return with a Wheelchair for him on their next trip.

On the return trip to Vanuatu, they booked a bus for a private tour around Efate Island.

Whilst going through the traffic in town, they saw the young man.

They asked the bus driver to stop and proceeded to cross the road with a wheelchair.

They gave the young man the wheelchair plus $20.

This story is now being told around Port Vila and has touched the hearts of a lot of people.

Unfortunately media has been unable to get the couples names as they were in town for only a day.

The young man is now very fortunate to own his own wheelchair donated by the good Samaritan who came once, saw a problem, and decided to return with a solution.