16 MPs to plea: Guilty or Not Guilty

The 2nd of September 2015 will mark a historic day as 16 MP’s go to trial over Bribery Allegations in the Republic of Vanuatu. This day will forever be the pivotal benchmark in the fight against corruption in the Republic Of Vanuatu.

Judge Sey took note of the “Sope Vs The Republic of Vanuatu” judgment where Justice Treston delivered that “as a matter of pure logic in this circumstances, The Penal Code Act prosecution must predate and precede the leadership Code Act”. As we all know the events that did unfold back in 2004; Barack Sope was convicted and later jailed and was later released with a suspended sentence.

The outcome of this case will never look good on record for Vanuatu if all MP’s are found guilty. It will also be a turning point and guilty verdict is given,  this will go down in history as a turning point on good governance and will set a mark on the premiership of any political leader in Vanuatu in the future to come.

For Vanuatu the Deputy Prime Minister and eight other Ministers are currently on bail and have ultimately degraded the positions they hold. They have without regard placed the credibility and integrity of the Vanuatu Government under great stress and also in the process made a mockery out of the prestigious political positions they currently occupy.

For the Vanuatu Prime Minister Sato Kilman, he has chosen to be PM at a time when all his actions will be reflected by the pack he leads. PM Kilman has become the first PM in our history to lead a government with more than half of his cabinet on bail with restrictions to travel out of the country. He is leading a full blown mob that can and will be his own doom if all are found guilty.

For the first time in Vanuatu history, we have leaders going on trial for corruption. Vanuatu will for the first time witness change, and the people will look for new champions and politics in Vanuatu will never be the same again.