Nigel Morrison is found Guilty of negligent driving causing death and given a 12 months suspended sentence.

The trial against Nigel Morrison has ended today disappointedly for the lawyer after the Courts found him Guilty and also sentenced him.

The NZ Judge found Morrison guilty for negligently going over the center line and causing a collision that ultimately killed Christian Lacoste.

It was a shock to the many friends of Nigel Morrison including Glen Craig who was there throughout the whole trial, who expected a not guilty verdict.

Nigel Morrison Law Partner, Gary Blake, also attended the court to witness the guilty verdict.

During the sentencing, the Courts told Morrison, that the biggest punishment would be the fact that he took a life of a son away from a mother, a father away from two daughters, and a husband away from a wife.

Late Christian Lacoste family were relieved to have justice served them and now the widow of late Christian Lacoste is preparing to proceed with a civil lawsuit against Nigel Morrison for compensation.

Mme Jacquiline Lacoste with her daughter in law Sherberina at the courthouse

Mr. Morrison told the court today is the worst day of his life as he knows he has killed someone.

The Judge took into regard that Morrisons is a long-time resident of Vanuatu and also a member of the Vanuatu Law Council.

It is unknown how Nigel Morrison will continue law practice after the guilty verdict and also his position inside the law council will be questioned.

It is understood Nigel Morrison plans to appeal the decision.