Himford becomes UMP SG

Vanuatu Politics is changing as the years unfold and one of the most powerful Political Party in the country, the Union Of Moderate Party – UMP, is taking lead for a change.

For many years there have been a lot of commentators within Vanuatu and outside of Vanuatu, who have criticized Vanuatu Politics for the lack of women in Politics.

For the UMP in Vanuatu, they have turned all this into reality by electing a woman, Wendy Himford, to become the UMP SG.

For a lot of major Party’s, commitment and dedication from women was and is the biggest challenge and major political parties seek these characteristics in woman in Vanuatu Politics.

Persistence and the will to survive amongst a mostly male-dominated circle not to mention the will to win confidence from male colleagues has paid off for Wendy Himford.

She stood up against all odds, whilst others gave up, she continued on and sacrificed for a belief which has finally paid off.

Wendy Himford has become the first female SG in Vanuatu Political History and for women in Vanuatu, this is a victory.

UMP, a party that has been always silent over Vanuatu Women’s involvement in politics, has indeed spoken, and the message from UMP is loud and clear, it is time for a change and UMP is taking that first step.

We congratulate all UMP executives and MPs, its supporters for a change which they are leading and making happen and last but not least congratulations Wendy Himford, Secretary-General for the Union Of Moderate Party.