Home with a Master Degree

June Brian Molitaviti holds a Masters in Marine Conservation and she is the Manager of the Research & Aquaculture Department at the Fisheries Department.

She completed her Masters at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

She is a mother to three daughters and is married to Brian Winji.

“Pursuing a career in marine conservation & management has been a dream for me,” says June. “The current pressure on the natural marine environment and threats from climate change have developed my passion to gain a better understanding of the coastal marine environment and its fragile resources.”

Interviewed New Zealand High Commission asked her ‘what encouragement she would give to those thinking of furthering their studies especially young mothers?’

June responded… “ To all budding young mothers out there, it’s worth taking the risk to bringing your family with you during your study, but you have to be very strategic and very disciplined and organised. We have to be flexible and be able to be multi-task, sacrificing all for the best future for our children, and being a great role model for them to follow in the future.”

Below is a photo of June and her three daughter Abigail (13), Bryhanna (10) and Cybella-Queenie (7) after her graduation in 2018.

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