Hundreds of cartons of expired food destroyed on Maewo

The Vanuatu Mobile Force – VMF, has destroyed hundreds of expired food cartons that was distributed to Volcano Evacuees on Maewo.
YTS News has received reports that over hundreds of cartons of Cracker Biscuits have been disposed into the sea by the VMF when the items were found to be stale and soggy and have gone past the best before dates.
Tin Fish cartons were also disposed into the sea after reports that the tins were exploding and even the ones that seemed fine were found to have already turned when opened.
Evacuee Moffet Tari supplied images of expired Biscuit Crackers that were taken by the VMF when people realized they were not edible after turning soft and soggy.
On closer inspection of the expiry date, evacuees noticed that the crackers have “best before 19 September 2018.”
Mr. Tari says the VMF confiscated the food items and said they will be replaced, however till to date, the crackers are still not replaced and more pressure is put on the population who depend on the Government for supplies.
“The VMF have said they have disposed over hundreds of cartons of expired food items into the sea.” says Tari.
Fresh reports also indicate that even the rice and noodles are starting to turn and is losing its taste.
It is still unknown as to whether authorities erroneously added the expired food items when loading the ships as supplies at times are kept in containers at the NDMO in Port Vila.
NDMO usually inspect and authenticate supplies before they are shipped.
It is not known whether NDMO inspect food items before they are disposed-off or whether they give the authorisation for the items to be disposed-off.