IDM Institute Names Lukas Enembe as Father of Papuan Sports Development

Jakarta – Executive Director of the Indonesian Development Monitoring Institute (IDM Institute), Fahmi Hafel told the media in Jakarta that the IDM Institute awarded the title of Father of Papuan Sports Development, to Lukas Enembe, SIP, MH, the Governor of Papua who is also the General Chair of KONI Papua.

According to Fahmi Hafel, the awarding of this title is based on the assessment of Lukas Enembe’s success in building international and world-class Sports and Sports Infrastructure in Papua.

And all of that apart from the initial struggle of Lukas Enembe, SIP, MH who succeeded in making Papua the host of the XX PON 2021.

Fahmi Hafel explained that the IDM Institute is a National Organizational Institution, which was established in 2005 as a
socio-political research institute in August 2006.

IDM brings together social scientists from various disciplines to pursue and conduct research sponsored by International and National institutions as well as private foundations, BUMN.

Researchers at Indonesia Development Monitoring from various disciplines such as Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Communication Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Social Statistics and Urban Planning.

IDM has four research centers: Center for Science, Technology and Economic Policy, Center for Environmental Policy, Center for Agroindustry, Center for International and National Political Analysis, and Center for Global Change Research.

In addition, the Institute currently has one Work Group, on Regional Development, Law, Society, and Global Justice.

A national political figure who is also the Chairman of the Founding Body of the IDM Institute, Arief Poyuono who was accompanied by Adrian Indra (Expert Staff of the Indonesian Elections Study Institute/LKPI) also supported and stated that the title given by the IDM Institute to Lukas Enembe was very appropriate.

And Arief Poyuono congratulates Lukas Enembe on getting this degree from the IDM Institute. According to Arief Poyuono, that with the implementation of XX PON in Papua, it will give a lot of positive impacts, both in terms of regional development, as well as the development of Papuan Earth Sports.

Lukas Enembe’s persistence in wanting to develop Papua in various fields is in line with President Jokowi’s Development concept, which wants to build Indonesia from the East.

The natural talent potential of Papuan athletes combined with various sophisticated and modern sports facilities will certainly bring the voice of the Sports Awakening Era in Papua.

Arief Poyuono hopes that in the future, these Athletes from Earth of Cenderawasih, can make Papua and Indonesia proud in the international and world sports arena.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of KONI Papua, who was confirmed via telephone, expressed his touched and proud of the award/appointment of Lukas Enembe, S.IP., MH by a national organization such as the IDM Institute. Kenius Kogoya stated that the thoughts and aspirations of Lukas Enembe, S.IP., MH to develop Papua in various fields are very

PON XX Papua 2021 is like a priceless gift for Papua, and this is a rare and prestigious moment. In the next 50 years, Papua will not necessarily be able to repeat something like this again.

Papua’s success as the host of the XX PON 2021 will be recorded with GOLD INK in the history of civilization development in Papua.

And according to Kenius Kogoya, it is very appropriate if Lukas Enembe, S.IP., MH is appointed as the FATHER of PAPUA SPORTS DEVELOPMENT, because his services are indeed extraordinary in fighting for the implementation of XX PON in Papua. As the General Secretary of KONI Papua, Kenius Kogoya always works hand in hand with Bp. Lukas Enembe who also serves as the General Chair of KONI Papua.

Evidently, until the day of the XX PON 2021, all preparations can be carried out properly and professionally. Kenius Kogoya realizes that the task and responsibility of preparing for the implementation of PON XX is a work at the National Level, the dignity and dignity of the Indigenous Papuans are also at stake in their readiness to host this
XX PON, so that Papua can reap two successes at once, namely successful implementation and success. performance.

Kenius Kogoya said he would try to discuss with Bp. Lukas Enembe regarding the technical event of the Plaque and Certificate of Appointment of Bp. Lukas Enembe, S.IP., MH as the Father of Papuan Sports Development by the IDM Institute.