Ifira Bilingual School cannot access School Grants

The Ministry of Education (MoE) last year disciplined the Ifira Bilingual School for failing to file financial reports to the Department of Education.

The disciplinary action is taking it’s toll on the students and teachers as Ifira Bilingual School cannot access the many school grants made available by the Vanuatu Government and donors this year 2017.

Sources inside Ifira Bilingual School suggest the the Ministry of Education should deal with the people who have not provided the MoE financial reports and should not allow the students and teachers to become victims.

A teacher at Ifira Bilingual School says the Ministry of Education decision has now clearly abused Children’s Right to a proper education and appeals for the Ministry to reconsider the discipline and allow the school to access funds to support the school in it’s daily operations.

The school wants the authorities to discipline the person responsible and allow the school to continue it’s responsibilities to the children of Ifira Island.