Images show a very active Manaro Volcano

Images provide to YTSNews show Manaro has dramatically changed since the last eruptions in 2005.

These are the first images showing the inside of the Volcano mouth since the Alert level 4 was announced.

The activity of the volcano Manaro Voui has not not changed and the mouth activity is somewhat similar to the Yasur Volcano at this time.

NDMO maintains the the Alert Level for Ambae at 4 .

This means that the Ambae volcano is in a moderate eruption state . At this Alert Level, the volcanic activity is likely to continue to increase or decrease to its normal level of unrest at any time.

With this situation, expect flying rocks and volcanic gas. Unusual volcanic hazards and ash falls can be expected around the island especially in villages exposed to prevailing trade winds direction. Acid rain may also be expected. in that zone.

It’s very important that authorities, communities, villages, visitors and travel agencies seriously consider this information NDMO and move to safe zones.