IMV continues “Only In Vanuatu” booking portal

“Only In Vanuatu” is a tourism booking portal designed by IMV which allows small to medium size operators access to online markets and provides exposure to their tourism businesses.

The program started in 2016 was partly funded by the Department of Tourism and ceased in 2017 for lack of financial support.

IMV, however, saw the potential, the program had in supporting locals who participate in the Tourism sector and sought financial support to continue the program.

Two online marketing agencies have agreed to fund the program and will also provide technical support to complete “Only In Vanuatu”.

Amazon will host the booking portal whilst ITAssist will host the 400 individual websites.

After it’s launch on Tanna by the Minister of Tourism, Joe Natuman, “Only In Vanuatu” will now resume and IMV is looking forward to setting up over 400 websites for local operators.

Website design work has begun on 100 websites, and IMV have also hired private consultants to begin work on the new booking portal.

It is not clear whether IMV will revisit previous arrangements with the Department of Tourism about the booking portal.

“Only In Vanuatu” is a free booking platform for Tourism Operators throughout Vanuatu and its new interface is being built to allow Bungalow owners the opportunity to register themselves onto the booking portal.

Amongst the marketing services provided, “Only In Vanuatu” setup is free to the local user.

IMV state the new redesigned “Only In Vanuatu” booking portal is privately funded and will operate as a private business providing free marketing for local operators to over 47 countries around the world.