Inaugural Rugby League Confederation Cup to be hosted in Samoa in 2021

The world’s Rugby League media, fans, and players from across the globe will have their eyes firmly focused on Samoa for the inaugural WORLD NINES – Confederation Cup, an International Rugby League (IRL) sanctioned tournament.   Samoa will host the historic and exciting opening ceremony and three-day tournament, with men’s and women’s teams from around the world. 


This is the first rugby league tournament that showcases all new global talent except for NRL and Superleague players, sanctioned by the International Rugby League.


Ben Howard a founding board member of the Vanuatu Rugby League shared his view on the new competition.

“It’s a great concept but should also be open to nations like Vanuatu that due to a combination of factors are effectively punished for our national teams being 90% home grown talent, based in Vanuatu”.

Radio New Zealand Sports reported earlier this year that Australia, Samoa, China and India are confirmed participants for the WNCC tournament with additional teams from Asia, Europe, Africa, America and the Pacific to be announced in the lead up to the event.

World Nines – competing for the Confederation Cup in Samoa is unique and a world first,  in that its selections are limited to athletes who are not registered with the NRL and Super league. This will have an ongoing benefit by creating player opportunity and inclusion by invitation to nations that include both developing and developed rugby league countries. 

It will feature the new rugby league talent pool from powerhouse nations, some never seen before.