Indigenous Papuans Are Proud To Be Involved In The Construction Of The XX PON Venue

By Yudo Dahono

Jakarta – Indigenous Papuans feel proud to be involved in building physical facilities for sports venues for the XX National Sports Week (PON). Because, that’s one way they support the national activity.

As revealed, Lucky Bilasi, who worked to complete the Rowing venue at Holtekam, Jayapura City, admitted that he was enthusiastic about doing his job and hoped that his involvement could increase the enthusiasm of Papuan athletes in this sporting event, and even win as many gold medals as possible.

“Although not competing on the field, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to support national sports activities,” said Lucky Bilasi, at the Holtekam Jayapura rowing venue, Tuesday (22/6/2021).

“I along with other workers are very grateful to the government for being given the opportunity to be involved in building this facility,” he continued.

Responding to this, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Student and Millennial Alliance (AMMI), Arip Nurahman, said that the XX PON event which was held in Papua had created pride for the local community.

“Papuans are very proud when the XX PON is held in Papua. This is a matter of pride for the Papuan people because their region is the host of national activities. They will also be very proud when they are involved there,” said Arip.

“That means, they are also proud of our government, which recognizes that in Papua it is very feasible and can hold a national sports event that is participated in by all provinces in Indonesia,” he continued.

In addition, Arip also considered that the XX Papua PON event could be an opportunity for the Papuan people to improve their welfare.

“During the implementation of the activity, it will have a positive effect on the surrounding community, especially it will have a good impact on the economy of the Papuan people,” explained Arip.

However, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic causes the implementation of PON will not be optimal due to limited community activities in order to implement health protocols.

However, according to him, the government is also right to involve indigenous Papuans in the preparation of the national sports event which is held every four years.

“Initially it was estimated that many people from outside Papua would watch the PON and spend their money in Papua. But because of Covid-19, the audience was limited. But at least it became a job opportunity for the residents there because they could be involved in the Papua PON infrastructure project,” concluded Arip.

XX Papua PON will take place from October 2-15, 2021, in which 37 sports will be competed in four clusters that organize PON Papua, namely Jayapura City, Merauke Regency, Mimika and Jayapura Regency.

Source: BeritaSatu.com