Individuals paid between 15,000vt to 20,000Vt for sex

A formal complaint was lodged naming high profile individuals who have either procured, aided or facilitated the prostitution of a Ni-Van female for over two years.

The complaint lodged names well-known individuals in Port Vila who have been paying a Vanuatu citizen money in exchange for sex.

The amount of money paid range from 15,000VT to 20,000vt.

The complaint also names an individual within the media industry who has been seeing the woman and also paid the woman over 20 times for sex.

YTS earlier this week received information that the woman has a client list which she frequents and receives payments for her services and at times provides the service and gets paid at a later period.

YTS News withholds a lot of information as the report has been made to the Police and they will look into the matter.