Indonesia loyalist group in Papua ready to support the National Sports Week event

The Republic of Indonesia Loyalist Group in Papua which is a combination of a number of community and religious leaders, youth leaders and a number of other organizations, expressed their readiness to support the success of the XX 2021 PON. 

The statement was made with a joint declaration in the Hall Room of Cenderawasih Hotel 66 on Saturday, 24 July, 2021. 

Present at the event were religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders and youth leaders in Mimika. Several things were stated in the declaration signed by Philipus Monawweyau, Community Leader of the Kamoro Tribe, Marianus Maknaipeku, SE, M.Si, Community Leader of Mimika, Fredrik Yosep Welafubun, SE, Secretary General of Mimika Millennial Children (ATM), Ferdinand CH Pastor of GPI Papua, Marjan Tusang, SH, MH Chairman of the Mimika Regency KKMU, Fahmi Sedubun, Representatives of Mimika Students, and Ir H Munawir Yakub, M.Si, Head of Declaration, also H Syamsuddin, Chair of Mimika KKSS. 

The three main points of the statement raised were; realizing a peaceful and prosperous Papua, supporting and succeeding the XI Kingmi Synod Conference, XX PON 2021, and Pesparawi XIII throughout Papua, which is also expected to be supported by all people. 

Ir H Munawir Yakub, M.Si, Head of the Declaration of the Association of Indonesian Loyalists, in his speech stated, a message to everyone, that Papua, especially Mimika, is safe and ready to host. “We want to say to all Indonesian people, especially athletes, that Papua is safe, unlike what you hear outside, if Mimika is often chaotic, Papua is very vulnerable, I say it’s not true, Mimika residents feel it ourselves,” he said when delivering his speech. 

The statement of also reaffirms supporting and succeeding the four important government agendas. “We know that the Special Autonomy Law has been enacted on July 15, 2021 by the Indonesian People’s Representative Council (DPR-RI), and there are some changes in the law, hopefully it can bring changes to Papua, indeed every policy must have pros and cons,” he said. 

“As children of the nation, let us be at the forefront, to defend the interests of the country, there should be no bargaining, because during the Pesparawi event, we will bring guests from 28 regencies, and 290 people per district.

“There will be 12 sports discipline, so being the host, you must be able to provide comfort to our guests, as we don’t want to entertain unwanted guests that will disturb our Games,” he said. For this reason, Munawir invites all Papuan people, especially the Mimika Community, to unite. “Those that live in Papua especially in Mimika, it has been the practice in the past to call Non Papuan Nationals, immigrants, because we also contribute to Mimika’s development, let’s not divide, we unite to succeed the government’s agenda, the goal is only one, advancing Mimika, advancing Papua,” he concluded.