Indonesian students from Papua receive Russian government scholarships

Moscow, Russia: A total of 14 new students from Indonesia from Papua have arrived in Russia to study through the Russian Government scholarship program. Their arrival was welcomed by the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and the Indonesian Student Association in Russia (Permira), Friday (25/10/2019).

The long journey from Papua to Jakarta and then to Moscow did not dampen the enthusiasm of the students. From Moscow, 11 of them still have to continue their journey to their respective cities or colleges outside Moscow. Russia’s cold temperatures in the early winter also welcomed them.

These students will study in various cities and universities in Russia. Apart from Moscow, some of them studied in Kaliningrad, Tula, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Orel, Voronezh, Volgograd, Petrozavodsk, Cherepovetsk and Tomsk in Russia’s western Siberia.

They take various majors, both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, such as Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, International Relations, Political Science, Educational Science, Theology, Psychology, Museum and Culture, and Anthropology. In the first year they will deepen their Russian language in the preparatory faculties according to their respective majors.

Before continuing their journey to their respective destinations, they stopped at the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and met with the Deputy Head of the Indonesian Representative in Russia and Belarus, Azis Nurwahyudi. Also attending were representatives of Permira, including Ferlito Arnold Sauw, a student majoring in Aircraft Engineering at the Moscow Aviation Institute as one of the people responsible for the arrival of new students.

Resina Lokbere, one of the students who will study at Orel State University, said she was very impressed with the welcome from the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and also Indonesian students in Russia.

“We are very grateful because we were greeted with a characteristic Indonesian, kinship,” said Resine while at the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow.

Resina expressed her joy to be able to meet Indonesian students in Russia and also the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow who had helped facilitate their arrival. Resina and her friends hope for the support and prayers of the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and Indonesian students in Russia for the future learning process while in Russia, including support in case of difficulties.

“We hope that in the future we will not be allowed to do it, but we have become children of the big family of the Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian big family in Russia,” said Resina.

Azis Nurwahyudi conveyed his joy and pride at the arrival of this Indonesian student from Papua in Russia. In the meeting with the students, Azis stated that these students were also diplomats who promoted the Indonesian nation and state abroad, especially Russia.

Azis further advised that Indonesian students in Russia should always protect the good name of the Indonesian nation and state, and maintain unity and brotherhood. It is also hoped that the new students can immediately adapt to the new environment and advise them to pay attention to learning as the main task and goal.

“We hope that Indonesian students can successfully study in Russia and one day return to Indonesia to help build the Indonesian nation, and strengthen the relationship between the Indonesian and Russian people,” said Azis.

Every year the Russian government provides 160 scholarships to Indonesian citizens to study at Russian universities in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The number of Indonesian students in Russia continues to increase every year. This year around 650 Indonesian students including new students studying in Russia are scattered throughout Russia, starting from Kalingrad in the westernmost part of Moscow, St. Petersburg. Petersburg, Irkutsk, to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok in the easternmost part of Russia.

New students from various regions of Indonesia who are recipients of Russian government scholarships have arrived in Russia gradually since September 2019. Meanwhile, there are also a number of other new students who will arrive in Russia. The Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and Permira also helped the arrival of new students. *)

Moscow, October 27, 2019