Indonesia’s new foreign policy targets the South Pacific

Indonesia President Joko Widodo met with his cabinet this week to discuss Indonesia’s new foreign policy limiting to improving Indonesia’s cooperation with the countries of the South Pacific.

“Indonesia must strive to enhance cooperation with countries in the South Pacific area”, he is quoted by the president’s office.

“I see there are opportunities to use the corridor to accelerate cooperation in the cultural and economic terms and especially in the transportation route system we have with the countries of the South Pacific”

“With its geographical location adjacent to Indonesia, we have the potential to run foreign political and economic diplomacy for the benefit of both regions”.

Widodo said there is need to focus on the countries around the Indian Ocean at this time as they have already a forum of cooperation through the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

The IORA is the third largest ocean woven together by trade routes, commands control of major sea-lanes carrying half of the world’s container ships, one third of the world’s bulk cargo traffic and two thirds of the world’s oil shipments, the Indian Ocean remains an important lifeline to international trade and transport.

Widodo also said he believed that countries such as Nauru, Vanuatu, Palau, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa, and Tonga are open to working with Indonesia.

He said the cooperation can also be utilized to open new markets for exports of Indonesia.

“I often tell them, we have to start getting into nontraditional country markets, which includes the countries of the South Pacific, to offer a superior product of our manufacturing industry”

Joko Widodo said the cooperation would secure areas of marine industry, offering fishing and service industries as well as in construction, telecommunications and informatics.

Informatics is a branch of information engineering and it involves the practice of information processing and the engineering of information systems, and as an academic field it is an applied form of information science.