Intan Jaya shooting an evidence of Papuan separatist cruelty

Jakarta – The Indonesian government has condemned the atrocities committed by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) against the Joint Fact- Finding Team ( TGPF ) in Intan Jaya, Papua Province.

Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand said the shooting will only add to the list of atrocities by Papuan separatists.

Rebels at Intan Jaya

“The international community needs to see this from a broader perspective. The Papuan separatists who in various forums are fond of accusing the Indonesian government of crimes against human rights, it turns out that the atrocities came from themselves,” said Tantowi in a written statement, Tuesday (13/10 2020).

The Indonesian government formed a TGPF consisting of a combination of military, civilian and academic members to be able to reveal the death of Pastor Yeremias Zanambani and other victims consisting of 2 members of the TNI and 1 civilian in the shooting incident last September 2020.

The team has has interviewed 25 witnesses and are compiling a report to present to the authorities before the media can publish their findings.

An article published by Wartaplus.com and shared on Yumi Toktok Stret today also revealed that weapons were confiscated from some of the rebels.