Iririki Resort wins out of court settlement from Daily Post

Iririki Resort has won its lawsuit against Daily Post Vanuatu by way of an out of court settlement.

The lawsuit against Daily Post started when the Newspaper editors ran an alleged libel article in the Post’s supplement known as ‘Vanuatu Business Review’ in a Saturday edition of the Post in June and it was also published online.

The article published had no writers name and had the headline ‘A Buyer’s Market’ with a picture of Iririki Island Resort.

Lawyers representing the Iririki Island Resort and Jewel Casino claimed that the article contained four defamatory imputations by way of libel.

Irirki owners claimed that a certain legal drama as published and the imputations flowing from same were misleading and defamatory.

Owners felt the article was ‘based on a disputed debt, cross-claim and criminal proceedings against the other party’ who were then in a lawsuit against Iririki.

The settlement amount is unknown and Iririki owners did file suit for damages for 245 million vatu.