Is this type of speed trench allowed on Public Roads?

By Timothy Quai

Traveling down South Santo road yesterday we were suddenly confronted by this stretch of trench across the public gravel road at Namoru Village. It was so deep that any driver of a vehicle who does not know it is there would certainly put its vehicle in peril of a broken spring/springs.

I wonder wether the PWD and MIPU are aware of this? It really is a growing public concern because not only such actions by involved individuals or groups put at risk damages to vehicles, and let alone no sign on the side of the road to forewarn drivers to slow down as was the intention of this referred to trench.

It would have been better to construct a hump rather than a deep trench to slow down speeding vehicles where villages and schools are located on the side of the road.

The question is, does anyone have the right to dig up a public road to slow vehicles because I do not think the appropriate authorities were approached by whoever dug the trench.