Jimmy Napuk; Happy to be alive

It’s good to celebrate and be happy to be alive

Jimmy Napuk says he did not know whether he will live to see another day when Cyclone PAM tore through his home leaving him and his family homeless for over two months.

He has had to painfully watch his family sacrifice and suffer in the cold for the last few months but is glad to be celebrating today.

“Tafea has been hit the worst” says Napuk. “Everywhere today you see people celebrating and they should celebrate as they have survived a category five cyclone and they are happy to be alive”

“I am happy that my children can come here to see the activities, be part of a celebration to remember that we are Independent”

“Erromango has been hit more than Tanna but today the women of Erromango are here on Lenakel attending the Rebuilding Tafea Summit”

“During the Week long Summit we have learned a lot and it is very interesting to hear how the Government spends its money”

“There was a team here from the finance department who explained to us how the Government uses our money. It has helped us understand quite a lot since we do complain a lot”

“It is the weekend and the Summit continues again on Monday and we will travel back to Lenakel to hear what the Government officials have to say”

Mr. Napuk has taken his family to the combine prayer on Lenakel this morning.