Justplay children
Justplay children


JustPlay festival in Luganville just got better after over 100 kids in Luganville took part in last week’s festival highlighting a fundraiser, contributing a little towards rebuilding the education sector after TC Pam.

Organisers of the JustPlay program based in Luganville took the morning on Friday 24th of April to highlight a fundraising towards rebuilding Lycee Louis Antoine De Bougainville which was heavily damaged by Tropical Cyclone Pam on the night of 13th March 2015.

JustPlay festival involves partners from some government institutions and others involve in child education.

In a JustPlay festivals, kids listen to careers talk, health advisories from health team, Education office and Police crime prevention unit, and other encouragements before ball activities.

This week’s festival at La Plage park in Luganville, crime prevention unit are sending out an awareness message to kids and public in Luganville and to Vanuatu that we should be warned of garden thieves after Cyclone Pam.

“After a tropical cyclone, people will start stealing in the gardens after all the food left are eaten, and we must always work together with the Police to safeguard our communities”, says crime prevention officer in Luganville.

just play children: Photo Math T
JustPlay children: Photo JustPlay/LFA

Coordinator of the festival Ms. Dephany Naliupis points out the theme is ‘sports restore smile’ and she shared a powerful message about no matter how devastated it maybe after a natural calamity, we should rise up and together we unite and reach out to the needy.

With the cause to help Lycee LAB kids, she said “Let us join together with open hands to revive, restore individual children’s heart affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam with peace joy and happiness.