Kalsakau | Government needs to ask China to provide MP allocations

Efate Rural MP Joshua Kalsakau says the Vanuatu Government needs to seek assistance from the Chinese Government to providing about 85 million vatu as MP allocation to each MP in Vanuatu to support MP’s develop their constituencies.

MP Kalsakau says Taiwan has given an equivalent to that amount to MP’s in the Solomon Islands to support them with developments in their Constituencies.

The Efate rural MP feels despite the many big developments currently happening in Vanuatu, such an amount would really support MP’s and their constituencies.

Kalsakau says in 1978, the New Hebrides formed an alliance with the Peoples Republic of China and continues to follow and uphold the policy “friends to all and enemy to none”.

The late First Chief Minister Goerge Kaltoi Kalsakau opened a pathway which still exist Taipei and Taiwan but today Vanuatu has not explored nor revisited this relationships.

Kalsakau continues that the Chinese Government has done a lot and is continuing to do so much for Vanuatu especially through infrastructure.

The Efate rural MP feels it is time Vanuatu explores other ways means of support from the Chinese Government.